About FSS

Fire Security Services is your trusted local building compliance and fire protection company in New Zealand.

Fire security Services:

  • has got your back

  • make it easy

  • Own it. 

Fire Security Services (FSS) has 150 staff across nine locations in the North Island - with an extensive agent network in the South Island catering for nationwide accounts. FSS’ coverage throughout regional New Zealand is second to none.

FSS has over 100 highly skilled technicians that install, inspect and service all manner of fire systems. 

Fire Security Services’ roots go back to the mid-1970s. The founders of the original Fire Security Services Ltd successfully lobbied authorities to make it easier for customers to fulfil their inspection obligations.

The owners of the new Fire Security Services 2016 Ltd are just as committed to pioneering new ways to make the inspection process easier for customers and councils. 

Fire Security Services specialise in all things related to detecting fires and protecting assets. FSS looks after small commercial units, massive industrial campuses, and everything in between. 

Fire Security Services sells and services fire extinguishers, fire alarms, sprinklers, as well as other industrial-sized fire systems and emergency equipment.

FSS is trusted as an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) in almost every council across the North Island. FSS can also process your building warrant of fitness. 

Fire Security Services has a reputable health & safety record, particularly on high risk industrial sites. FSS is also your first call for fire warden or extinguisher training, as well as helping you with trial evacuations.