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Building Warrant of Fitness


A building warrant of fitness (BWoF) is similar to a warrant of fitness for your car – certain features must meet minimum standards and you need to get a new WoF each year. 

Generally, all buildings (other than single residential buildings) must have a Building Warrant of Fitness if it has certain types of safety systems installed. The local council specifies what systems must be installed and how frequently they must be inspected. 

FSS has specialist software, purpose-built for the fire industry, that will ensure you can keep track of your inspection and BWoF obligations.

Fire Security Services can take care of your building warrant of fitness on your behalf. FSS is trusted as an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) by almost every council across the North Island. 

FSS pride themselves on making it easy.

More detailed information for building owners and tenants - such as compliance schedules, Form 12As, Independent Qualified Persons (IQPs), and other building owner responsibilities - can be found on the Ministry of Building, Innovation and Employment website:



Routine Inspections

Building Warrant of Fitness


Fire Protection Systems

A building’s fire protection system is designed to give the people inside enough time to evacuate to safety. 

Each building has different types of safety systems, depending on the construction materials, what’s being stored, how many people are inside, as well as what’s happening inside. 

Building owners must ensure the fire systems are tested throughout the year, as set out in your building compliance schedule from the council. 

FSS has over 100 highly skilled technicians that install, inspect, & service all types of fire systems, including: 

  • Fire Suppression   Sprinkler, foam and gas systems
  • Fire Detection    Alarms, beams and VESDA
  • Passive Fire Protection  Walls, doors, ceilings and signage
  • Fire Extinguishers   All sizes and types
  • Fire Hose Reels
  • Emergency Lighting

Fire Protection Systems





Quality and Accreditation

Fire Security Services is frequently audited and scrutinised by external and internal reviewers. It assures customers that Fire Security Services' health & safety, expertise, and business processes meet quality standards. 

Fire Security Services has achieved the following accreditations: 

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • SiteSafe Green Status
  • Impac PreQual Certified
  • ICANZ Approved Sprinkler Contractor
  • SHE Local Authority Approved Contractor
  • Gold Member of the Fire Protection Association NZ
  • IQP Registered across councils in NZ's North Island

Fire Security Services has a reputable health and safety track record, especially given the nature of the fire protection industry. Fire Security Services has senior personnel, dedicated to driving H&S and business improvements.



Externally Audited

Externally Certified

Continually Improving H&S


24/7 Support

Fire Security Services’ coverage throughout the North Island is second to none with nine local branches.

FSS also has an extensive agent network in the South Island and East Cape that caters for nationwide accounts. 

FSS has a robust emergency call out service for all customers, 24 hours every day of the year. It's provided through dedicated on-call technicians and an after hours call centre.

The goal is to ensure the customer’s site returns to full operations as soon as possible. 


24/7 Support

Nine local branches

After hours call centre

24/7 call out response


Advice and Training

Fire Security Services offer a wide range of advice and training services.

These help landlords and tenants meet legislative health and safety requirements. 

For instance, certain types of building owners are legally required to complete trial evacuations every 6-months.

It's also 'reasonably practical' for employers to train fire wardens as part of the evacuation plan and ensure their staff are trained to properly use fire extinguishers. 

Please read our news blog if you would like information about FSS' advice and training services, including understanding building owners obligations to complete trial evacuations.

Contact Fire Security Services for customised advice and training to suit your needs.


Advice & Training

Training for fire evacuation, fire wardens and fire extinguishers

All other fire-related advice